AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger


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    Add a splash of professional-looking stitches with the versatile, durable AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger. With a list of convenient features that includes an error LED indicator light that will notify when the fabric cover is open, a pair of quick-change levers for the rolled hemstitch feature, and a switch that will activate and deactivate the cutting knife, the AIRFLOW 3000 is an excellent addition to any sewing room. Changing threads on the AIRFLOW 3000 is a breath of fresh air! The threading ports are connected to the end of each looper by tubes, and at the touch of a button, a blast of air sends the threads through the loopers, so it's a cinch to change thread colors. Adding finishing touches to your next project will be a breath of fresh air with the AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger.

    • Air Technology: Thread the AIRFLOW 3000 with a blast of air. With threading ports that are connected to the end of each looper by tubes, at the press of a button, air sends the threads through the looper. So, it's like a breath of fresh air to change thread colors.
    • Stitch Quality: Achieve outstanding finishing touches with flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches on specialty fabrics such as fine knits and stretchy materials.
    • Specialty Feet Included: The AIRFLOW 3000 comes with a Gathering Foot, a Blind Stitch Foot, a Piping Foot, and a Trim Trap so you can start your next DIY project.
    • Great for Challenging Materials: Excellent for adding professional finishing touches on fine knits and stretchy materials, which can be challenging fabrics on traditional sewing machines.
    • Brightly Lit Work Area: High-quality lighting that's easy on the eyes when sewing on dark fabrics.
    • Quick Change Levers: The AIRFLOW 3000 has pair of quick-change levers for the rolled hemstitch feature, and a switch that will activate and deactivate the cutting knife before the edge is wrapped with thread.
    • Safety sensor and error LED: When following conditions occur, an open fabric cover or front cover, the presser foot is raised, the AIRFLOW 3000 serger will not work and an error LED light will come on.
    • Differential Feed: The Differential Feed Ratio (0.7mm to 2.0mm) on the AIRFLOW 3000 provides outstanding stitch quality and acts as the tool for custom lettuce edge finishes on specialty materials.
    • No Lint Build-up: As the threads are constantly moved through tubes by the air technology, fluff and lint are kept to a minimum so as not to build up and clog the lines.
    • Noise Level Moderate: Add decorative touches and professional finishes to any DIY project, anywhere, anytime.

    More from the Manufacturer

    The following are included with the Innov-ís AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger:
    • Trim Trap
    • Blind Stitch Foot
    • Gathering Foot
    • Piping Foot
    Additional Information:
    • Advanced Needle Threader
    • Electric Air Threader
    • 1300 Stitch per Minute
    • Leaning Needle Angle
    • Number of Threads: 2/3/4
    • Needle Angle: Leaning
    • Sewing Speed (spm): 1300
    • Stitch Length: 1-4mm
    • Differential Feed Ratio: 0.7mm - 2.0mm
    • Overlock Seam Width: 5 - 7.5 mm
    • Height of Presser Foot: 5mm (Max 6 mm)
    • Presser Foot Adjustment: Yes
    • Air Threader: Electrical
    • Advanced Needle Threader: Yes
    • Thread Tension: Manual
    • Switch to Rolled Hemming Stitch: Built-in Lever
    • Easy Change Dial for Thread Tension: No
    • Correction System of Needle Thread Tension: No
    • Fine Adjustment of Seam Width: No
    • Free Arm: No
    • Sensor of front cover: Yes
    • Sensor of fabric cover: Yes
    • Sensor of presser foot Up/down: Yes
    • Error LED: Yes
    • Carton Dimensions (W" x D" x H"): 19.8" x 19.7" x 19.1"
    • Carton Weight (lbs.): 27.9
    • Unit Dimensions (W" x D" x H"): 14.4" x 13.9" x 15.9"
    • Unit Weight (lbs.): 21.6

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