Scissor being sharpened

Scissor Sharpening

Rae-Bon Sew & Quilt Shop is able to sharpen any straight edge scissors. Scissors can be dropped off during business hours and will be completed within 1-2 business days. The cost is $5 per pair.

We are unable to sharpen pinking shears, small snips, or scissors with a serrated edge.

Special Order

Special Orders

At Rae-Bon Sew & Quilt Shop, we are happy to source and order any specialty notions, tools, or patterns you need to complete your next project. Just let us know how we can help!

Brother PrintModa

Fabric Printing

Rae-Bon Sew & Quilt Shop prints quilt labels and images for you right on cotton fabric. Rich colored printing is available utilizing Brother's PrintModa. The quilting cotton is treated to allow the fabric to absorb the ink, so the fabric is machine washable and dry cleanable.

Brother PrintModa printing a photo

Photo Printing

Are you working on a memory quilt and you'd like to include some personal photos? Rae-Bon Sew & Quilt Shop can print rich colored photos directly on quilting cotton fabric. This fabric is machine washable and dry cleanable so you can sew it into your project just like any other fabric. 

Photos need to be high resolution for best results. Unfortunately photos saved from Facebook are not high resolution and thus the printed photos can appear grainy.  We cannot print copyrighted images or artwork that does not belong to you.

  • The maximum fabric size is 11.6" wide x 5 yards. Please include the size you would like your image printed as well as how much fabric you would like to remain around the image. For example you may want a 5" x 7" photo on a 11" square of fabric.
  • Please allow up to a week for printing of your photos.
  • Printed images are $1 per inch.
    For example, if your photo is 5” x 7” the total cost would be $5. Two 5” x 7” photos would be $7 (we can print two 5” x 7” photos side by side on the width of fabric)

Complete the from below or email your high-resolution photo (JPG or PNG), name, and phone number to

Order Photo Prints
Quilt label options

Quilt Labels

Would you like a customized quilt label for your next project? Rae-Bon Sew & Quilt Shop has 12 label choices and sizes to chose from.

  • The price is $12 per label set. The number of labels varies with the size and label type selected.
  • On labels A-I, only the names can be edited. Each label in the set can have different names if you choose.
  • On labels J-L, the text and photo can be changed. Each label can have a different photo and text.

 To order quilt labels, please stop in the shop or give us a call.

Photo Printing Request

Photos can also be emailed to with the following information to place your order. 

We will do our best to accommodate the size requested. However the proportions and layout of your photo may dictate the amount of cropping and resizing that can occur.
The maximum size available to print in one direction is 11". This can be height or width. Photo will be centered within the fabric dimensions.
Separate email addresses with a comma.

Thank You For Your Order

Our team will complete your order within 5 business days.