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Looking for a little extra motivation to tackle your UFOs?

The UFO Crusher Club is here to help you finish those projects! There’s satisfaction in finishing the project, but for a little extra motivation, we’ll have prizes each month. We’ll draw a number each month. You’ll have until the next club meeting to complete that particular project from your list. Completed projects must be brought in during the next club meeting (2nd Tuesday of each month) for show and tell or posted in the Rae-Bon Sewists Facebook group by 10 am on club day to be eligible for prizes.

May is Project #5

The UFO Crushers Club is also a social gathering. Each month, you can stop in the shop to visit with your fellow quilters and see what they’re working on. Or maybe you want a little advice on how to finish your project or what fabric you should add. They’ll be a room full of other quilters to offer they’re opinions!
Plus if you need a little extra motivator to make the trip into the shop, we’ll have special sales just during the club meeting. Things we know you’ll need to finish those projects!

Not a member yet?
To sign up, pay your $50 membership fee (that’s a low price of about $4 per month) and turn in your list of 12 projects you plan to finish this year. Bring in your list of 12 projects or email them to reddoor@rae-bon.com.

Date & Time
Tuesday May 14, 2024
1:00 PM 2:00 PM (America/Chicago)

Rae-Bon Sew and Quilt Shop

3060 25th St S
Fargo ND 58103
United States
(701) 433-7203
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